Be an Ally: Speak up!

“Since men are the primary agents maintaining and supporting sexism and sexist oppression, they can only be successfully eradicated if men are compelled to assume responsibility for transforming their consciousness and the consciousness of society as a whole. After hundreds of years of anti-racist struggle, more than ever before non-white people are currently calling attention to the primary role white people must play in anti-racist struggle. The same is true of the struggle to eradicate sexism–men have a primary role to play. This does not mean that they are better equipped to lead feminist movement; it does mean that they should share equally in resistance struggle. In particular, men have a tremendous contribution to make to feminist struggle in the area of exposing, confronting, opposing, and transforming the sexism of their male peers.”

– bell hooks. “Men: Comrades in Stuggle,” Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center. 1984 (emphasis added)

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One thought on “Be an Ally: Speak up!

  1. samuel allan Sleeman says:

    The solution is Rite of passage work for men, or rather the lack of it. Children are great imitators they act out what they see around them. We, men and women need to show them alternate values that support and nurture community.

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