What is feminism? Why should men care about it?

Formed, in part, due to experiences within Occupy NOLA, this blog, in collaboration with a local discussion group, seeks to explore these questions. (preliminary answers here)

By coming here, you are joining with a community of learners.  Your participation, therefore, is greatly encouraged and your feedback is appreciated. Please send any questions or comments to nolafeministallies@gmail.com. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Chris Lane says:

    Hey All,
    I would like your blog to help spread the word about a fun and important event happening May 26th, Rights of Spring: A Burlesque Benefit for planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.
    The Face book address is http://www.facebook.com/events/145668078891702/. Please peruse the event page and if you feel comfortable please post the event on your page and spread the word.

  2. yabetta says:

    See you in the future…

  3. Michellene says:

    Please consider filling out this survey. It doesn’t take long and is just an overview of women’s experiences in Occupy. Results and responses will be available for anyone interested. Thanks in advance!


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