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Male Violence


Raging Grannies on Legitimate Rape

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Cause and Effect: How the Media You Consume Can Change Your Life

44% of 8 year-old girls want to be leaders. 8 is the peak age for girls’ leadership amibtions.

P.S. Thanks to Emily Kugisaki for the heads up!

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Pop Culture Portrayals of Male Allies

Know of any pop culture portrayals of feminist men or men acting as allies? From literature, film, or music, perhaps? It would be great to get a list going. Hit up the comments section!

While not without some questionable lyrics (“i might be more of a man…”), Del Amitri’s “Driving with the Breaks On” got me wondering about men as allies in the media. Do you think this song is feminist? Can you think of some better examples?

Lyrics found here.