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The Radical History of Mother’s Day

There’s a good number of us who question holidays like Mother’s Day in which you spend more time feeding money into a system that exploits our love for our mothers than actually celebrating them.  It’s not unlike any other holiday in America in that its complete commercialization has stripped away so much of its genuine meaning, as well its history.  Mother’s Day is unique in its completely radical and totally feminist history, as much as it has been forgotten.

Mother’s Day began in America in 1870 when Julia Ward Howe wrote the Mother’s Day Proclamation. Written in response to the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, her proclamation called on women to use their position as mothers to influence society in fighting for an end to all wars.

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NOLA Free School Class Starting May 13th

Whoo hoo!

We are officially on the New Orleans Free School Calendar:

What is feminism? Why should men care about it? This weekly discussion group seeks to explore these questions. No background knowledge is required. Topics for discussion will include socialization, gender roles, patriarchy, male privilege, domestic violence, sexual assualt, intersectionality, how to be an ally, etc. The specific syllabus, however, will be decided by the group members themselves.

For more information, please contact nolafeministallies@gmail.com

We will be meeting at Fair Grinds Coffee House @ 3133 Ponce de Leon every Sunday, starting May 13th, at 5pm. Note, this is mother’s day. Do right by your mother and come talk feminism! And please please please suggest articles, topics, or films  for the class.

Finally, while all are welcome to join in the conversation, this group aims to provide a space for men to talk openly about feminism.

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